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7 Marketing Trends of 2020

1. Video Content is a Must
If you aren’t already using video content as part of your marketing plan – get on board now or get left behind! The power of video – especially when it comes to selling products and services – can communicate your story in a way that text based content simply can’t. Analytics tells us that around 70% of users share other people’s/company’s videos and are more than 50% say that watching a video makes them more confident in purchasing decisions. In a mobile saturated world, ease of peer to peer sharing of video content yields incredible results when it comes to conversion rates.
2. Facebook Demographic Shifts
Whether it be from the emergence of social media platforms targeting younger generations or the recent uncovering of data beaches, Facebook is no longer the monolith of the social media world. It’s not a redundant platform by any means, as analytics show us that the biggest demographic of Facebook users are over 65 (the biggest annual spenders) but perhaps it’s time to do some intentionally research about exactly who your target demographic is and consider broadening your social media reach through a multi-platform approach.
3. SEO: Relevant, Quality Content Matters
Quality content always matters, but there is growing emphasis on nuance, context and targeting. In November 2019 Google launched a new algorithm that helps search engines gain a better understanding of the natural language of users in search queries. Greater importance is places on site speed, useful links and well written, relevant content. No need to awkwardly place key words within your content just to tick a box.
4. Email Marketing: Dying…. but not Dead
While email continues to be a major source of communication in general, the efficacy of generic mass emails for marketing is rapidly declining. With dynamic and personalised marketing platforms out performing traditional modes, email marketing needs to adapt and keep up to meet the needs of consumers. Think; promos, separate personalised content based on demographics within your database and engaging links back to socials and web.
5. Interactive Content on the Rise
Interactive content (anything you can click, swipe and interact with) such as quizzes and polls, augmented reality ads and 360 video content offer people a more immersive, engaging experience. It’s evident that nowadays people want this kind of content from companies. Additionally, lives streams and live chats offer the user a chance to interact directly and feel connected to the company.
6. Surge of Marketing in Messaging Apps
Businesses in all industries have taken significant interest in apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Social for marketing. Collectively, these apps have 3 billion active users, sending more than 55 billion messages every day. It is projected that messenger marketing will be the number one marketing channel in the next 5 to 7 years.
7. Multi-channel Marketing is Vital
Marketing across multiple platforms; web, email, apps and social media allows businesses to connect with users through multiple points of entry, thus increasing the odds of conversion and user retention. This approach can also deliver powerful insights into the digital habits of potential and current customers who engage with each platform by allowing a full market reach overview.
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